Cannonball Student Saxophones: Alcazar vs Falcon

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Cannonball is best known for its professional saxes, like the Big Bell Stone Series. But they also make some incredible student saxes.

There are two lines of Cannonball student saxophones: the Alcazar Series and the Falcon Series. This post will go over each of these saxophones and dive into their differences and similarities.

What are Cannonball Alcazar Saxophones?

Alcazar is Cannoball’s premium line of student-level saxes. They were first introduced in 2007 and have been a popular choice at music stores all over the country.

With an exceptional build quality, they include features you’d typically only see on step-up and professional saxophones:

  • Ribbed Construction: Increases durability and adds more weight to the saxophone. The added weight helps give the saxophone a warmer sound.
  • High F# Key: Extends the saxophone’s range and makes it easier to play certain passages of music.
  • Nickel-plated brass resonators: These metal resonators reflect the sound back into the body of the sax. Most student saxes, and even some pro saxes, have plastic resonators.

The Alcazar-series saxophones are available in alto (AA-L) and tenor (TA-L). Like most other step-up and pro-level Cannonball saxes, they come in beautiful faux-gator skin cases.

What are Cannonball Falcon Saxophones?

Falcon Series saxophones (model A90-L) are the standard line of student saxes. They were recently introduced in 2020, making them one of the newest saxophones in the Cannonball lineup.

The keywork on the A90-L is designed for smaller hands. This is especially ideal for younger students who are just starting their saxophone journey.

There are two significant differences between the Falcon and Alcazar saxophones:

  • The Falcon is built with post-to-body construction, meaning the key posts are soldered directly to the body. This design makes it more lightweight and lets the sax vibrate more freely — ideal traits for a student horn.
  • Falcons come in molded ABS plastic cases. These cases are highly durable, which makes them great for the classroom.

Even though Falcon saxes are more cost-friendly than the Alcazar series, they still produce a rich, warm sound and are great for any beginner.

The only model currently available in the Falcon line is the alto sax (A90-L).

The Cannonball A90-L student saxophone
The A90-L Falcon Alto Saxophone

Similarities Between AA-L and A90-L

Both saxophones produce a killer sound and are well-suited for beginners and advancing players alike. They share several things in common:

  • High F# key: Both saxophones have a high F# key, which isn’t always the case on student saxes.
  • Metal resonators: Like the Alcazar, the Falcon also has brass resonators.
  • Power-forged keys: The keys are formed using power-forging techniques rather than molding them. This makes them more consistent and durable.
  • Detachable bell and bow: If your saxophone ever gets seriously damaged, a qualified technician can temporarily remove the bell. This makes it easier for them to fix the sax and saves on repair costs.

On top of that, every saxophone goes through a rigorous quality control process and comes with a limited 5-year warranty.

Where Can I Get a Cannonball Student Saxophone?

You can find Cannonball saxes at your local dealer. If you’re not sure where your closest dealer is, you can reach out to Cannonball directly and they’ll point you in the right direction.

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