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I believe in being transparent. It helps me earn and maintain your trust, so I’d like you to understand how Woodwind Stuff makes money.

Woodwind Stuff participates in a number of affiliate programs. As such, I often link to products and services outside this site. If you buy something from those links, sometimes those companies will pay a commission. It does not change the price you pay. Generally, it’s best to assume that any external links are monetized in some way.

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Do Your Affiliate Commissions Make You Biased?

I don’t think so.

Part of the reason I started Woodwind Stuff was to give my honest thoughts without being beholden to retailers and manufacturers.

Almost everything I talk about comes from first-hand experience as a musician, educator, and former retailer. And if I don’t have real-world experience with a product, I’ll consult with someone who does.

Some of the companies I talk about don’t even have affiliate programs. But I love their stuff and recommend them anyway.

But I try not to get caught up in endless hype and fake positivity. So I also make a point to cover products I think are bad.

Simply put, my opinions are honest and genuine whether I get paid for them or not.

I’m building this website based on what I like to talk about, not who pays the most.

Your Support

I strive to provide honest reviews and recommendations. However, it’s always recommended to conduct your own research before making a purchase.

If you do purchase something through my affiliate links, thank you. I genuinely appreciate your support.