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The JodyJazz Band Director Mouthpiece Kits

The JodyJazz Band Director Kit is a simple solution for schools who want an instant upgrade for their sax section.
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Yamaha YDS-150 vs YDS-120: Which One’s a Better Deal?

Yamaha’s YDS-150 and YDS-120 digital saxophones are the same. But different. Find out which is the better deal and which one you should ignore.
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Yamaha YAS-26 vs YAS-200ADII: What the Heck is Different?

Yamaha makes a few versions of their student saxophones. Explore the differences between the YAS-26 and the YAS-200ADII Advantage saxes.
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My name’s Jack. I’ve been playing saxophone and clarinet for over 20 years. Most of my professional career has been in music education and retail.

Woodwind Stuff is where I share my honest thoughts about instruments and gear. I also want to help people make informed buying decisions from the perspective of a music retailer.

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