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In terms of sound production, your mouthpiece is arguably as important, if not more important than the saxophone itself. But some families either can’t afford a good quality mouthpiece, or they aren’t willing to get one.

So what’s a school band director to do?

JodyJazz Band Director Kit with 5 HR* mouthpieces

JodyJazz Has an Easy Solution for Schools

I’ve seen lots of band directors purchase mouthpieces for their programs, and JodyJazz mouthpieces are among the most popular. Jody’s also noticed how popular their mouthpieces are with schools, so they put together some pre-packaged solutions.

Benefits of the JodyJazz Band Director Kit

For one, you’ll get five identical mouthpieces for each of your saxophone players. This has two side effects:

  • Individual players each get a near-instant upgrade to their sound.
  • Since they’re on the same mouthpiece, it helps the whole section blend better and have a more unified sound.

Also, you essentially get free ligatures with each mouthpiece.

What’s In the JodyJazz Band Director’s Kit?

Each kit comes with five mouthpieces to outfit a standard big band sax section:

  • 2 alto
  • 2 tenor
  • 1 baritone
  • Matching D’Addario H Ligatures and caps

Technically, the kit is the same price as buying the five mouthpieces separately. That said, Jody mouthpieces normally don’t come with a ligature. So you are saving around $250 by getting the kit.

Inside view of the JodyJazz Band Director Section Kit

What Kits Are Available?

JodyJazz offers a few pre-built kits. Here are a few (affiliate links):

  • JodyJazz HR* Kit #1 — Hard rubber mouthpieces with smaller tip openings. Good for younger players who are still developing their sound.
  • JodyJazz HR* Kit #2 — Hard rubber mouthpieces with larger tip openings. Good for more experienced players.
  • Eugene Rousseau Classic R Kit — Hard rubber mouthpieces with smaller tip openings. Good for younger players, and a little less expensive than the other kits.

You could also ask your JodyJazz dealer about other kits.

Closed box of the JodyJazz band director section kit
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